Deep Green: Four - Living naturally


The original plan for the fourth part of Deep green was going to be a plant-based recipe. But now it's not. Because I'm a basic cook who doesn't enjoy cooking - keeping it real here - and frankly it just didn't inspire me. Maybe one day, maybe not.

The other posts in the series are all about self care. Why should we bother with self care? My answer is always that you can't pour from an empty vessel. Whether you need energy, time, strength, compassion for something in your own life or in someone else's, you can't run on empty. Also, having love and respect for your own body, mind and soul is surely the foundation of everything.

But what then? I've been feeling that I'm getting all dressed up and then sitting in my bedroom. Once we start to take care of ourselves, what do we actually do with our nourished Self? I'm an earth sign, I like practical. I know that it's potentially different for every individual, and sometimes just sitting in your bedroom in your best dress - metaphorically or literally - can be just what you need, but I'm thinking about the next ripple out.

This month, mostly spent under the influence of migraine and/or the medication thereof (and fellow migraineurs will know that - perhaps due to the low serotonin involved - migraine is almost always accompanied by depression, exacerbated by the ongoing 'I'm sick of just lying around' situation) I started listening to and reading more about slow living. I've been going back through previous episodes of podcasts I listen to; checking out people on the ol' Insta, and reading blogs. Alongside that are the ongoing conversations about environmental issues that Charlie and I have, and have had for years. I'm good at talking the talk but not so good at walking the walk. I'm not the worst, but I'm probably a 3 out of 10 at this point and I want that to change.

2017 was, for me, the year I learned to sit and listen to plants. To be with them and learn. I promised them I'd work with them and I'm holding to that, but what about working for them too? For the earth. What about my deep Deep Ecology roots? The ones that led me to the name of this series. What about Gaia?

So I'm going there. I'm widening my personal sphere to put the green in Deep Green. I've changed the name of my Instagram account to reflect this and spent the time I've had 'lying around', when I've been capable of actual thought, thinking about first steps. First, slow, imperfect, mindful, intentional moves to living more naturally.

I want to look at my family's use of plastics. At our use of toxic chemicals in the house and properly replacing them with plant-based versions (hello there, essential oils). I want to take teeny baby steps into simplifying. I'm not sure what buy-in I'll get from the other family members but I think it'll be positive. What I know for sure is that every little effort counts. 

So this week I'm sharing just a few links to what I've been looking at. Both this month, and over the years. I hope you'll find something that interests you. I'm doing my best to take small steps and not overwhelm myself or anyone else.

  1. All life has value in itself, independent of its usefulness to humans.
  2. Richness and diversity contribute to life’s well-being and have value in themselves.
  3. Humans have no right to reduce this richness and diversity except to satisfy vital needs in a responsible way.
  4. The impact of humans in the world is excessive and rapidly getting worse.
  5. Human lifestyles and population are key elements of this impact.
  6. The diversity of life, including cultures, can flourish only with reduced human impact.
  7. Basic ideological, political, economic and technological structures must therefore change.
  8. Those who accept the forgoing points have an obligation to participate in implementing the necessary changes and to do so peacefully and democratically.
  • My personal 9. We can still do something about it. So let's.
  • Read more about this platform here.