I'm Jo and I live in the west of England, out on the edges between houses and woods. One partner, one child and three dogs share a small cottage with me.

I've had numerous blogs over the years and had all but given up on it as a medium, but I'm sensing a slow return to popularity for them. That makes me want to try again, because sharing our lives, dreams and thoughts was always such a positive thing. So I'm inspired to circle things I love and do into one place. This is it.

In 2017 I founded Hedgewild. Hedgewild is where I'm nurturing my relationship with the plant world; where I share self care ideas and products, and other naturally magical things that can help us stay true to ourselves.

I am:

  • an animist, since birth.
  • a feminist, for all women.
  • a believer in the power of Nature to return us to strength and happiness.
  • plant-powered.
  • a 21st Century green witch.
  • a lover of toys, more specifically dolls (people and animals).
  • a shy introvert and reluctant HSP (I don't think I am one but every damn test tells me I am).
  • a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate - I believe that essential oils can change our lives. 
  • an IHR-certified Reiki Master, using traditional Japanese methods.
  • a Natural Animal Centre-certified Animal Practitioner with Bach flower remedies, and have also completed levels 1 and 2 of the Bach Centre training (for humans!).
  • alive, thankful, human.
  • a Firekeeper.