Here are some simple keywords for each Bach remedy. You can click through for more information and to buy, but if you have any questions, please feel free to message email me.

Mustard   Deep gloom with no origin.

Oak   Exhausted but struggles on.

Olive   Lack of energy; exhausted after long period of difficulties, study, work or illness etc.

Pine   Self reproach; guilt.

Red Chestnut   Fear or over concern for others.

Rock Rose   Terror.

Rock Water   Inflexible; self denial.

Scleranthus   Uncertainty; indecision, particularly over choice between two options.

Star of Bethlehem   After effects of shock.

Sweet Chestnut   Extreme mental anguish.

Vervain   Over enthusiasm for a cause or principles; overachievers.

Vine   Assertive; inflexible.

Walnut   Protection from change and outside influences.

Water Violet   Proud; aloof, overly self-reliant and private.

White Chestnut  Unwanted recurring thoughts; mental arguments.

Wild Oat   Uncertainty as to correct path in life.

Wild Rose   Resignation; apathy.

Willow   Self pity; resentment.

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Agrimony   Hides problems behind a cheerful face.

Aspen         Fears and worries of an unknown origin.

Beech         Intolerant and critical of others.

Centaury    Weak-willed and easily led.

Cerato        Seeks advice and confirmation from others.

Cherry Plum   Fear of losing control.

Chestnut Bud   Failure to learn from past mistakes.

Chicory   Possessive, over-protective.

Clematis   Dreaminess; lack of interest in the present.

Crab Apple   Poor self-image; sense of uncleanliness.

Elm   Overwhelmed by responsibility.

Gentian   Discouragement; despondency.

Gorse   Hopelessness; Despair.

Heather   Self-preoccupied; self concern; talkative.

Holly   Envious, jealous, feelings of hatred.

Honeysuckle   Dwells on the past.

Hornbeam   'Monday morning feeling'; procrastination.

Impatiens   Impatience.

Larch   Lack of confidence.

Mimulus   Fear of known things.

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