I'm kind of in love with essential oils...

There, I admitted it. I'm not talking about the cheap bottles of "lavender" or "patchouli" that we used to buy from the market stall that sold incense, then burn for hours! No, I'm talking about real plant medicine.


dōTERRA essential oils are different. I didn't realise how much until the first time I unscrewed the lid and took a deep breath. So good.

Essential oils are what plants use to take care of themselves. They're volatile, aromatic compounds that protect a plant, give a plant its scent, and help with pollination. They also have a beautiful gift for us animals - they help us too.

Even better...they have positive effects on our mind, body and spirit but leave no toxins behind. We can inhale them, apply them to our skin, even swallow some of them (given expert advice) and all we'll feel is GOOD.

From supporting our body as it fights viruses (they can penetrate the wall of a cell, unlike pharmaceutical treatments) and bacteria, to giving us that moment of relaxation we need for ourselves, to creating an air of sacred ritual around a moment; essential oils have got us covered. My experience is that the pure and potent oils shared by dōTERRA do it best.

If you'd like to buy dōTERRA oils you can do so through my site. You'll find there are options to buy at full retail price, or join dōTERRA and get 25% off all your purchases. For more information on the different ways to buy from dōTERRA, I've written a simple outline!