Flower remedies - sometimes referred to as flower essences - are my favourite support system.

I use them personally and for my family, and I am also qualified as a practitioner of flower remedies for animals by the Natural Animal Centre.

Taken simply by adding a few drops to your drinks each day, flower remedies work with us on an energetic level, seemingly bringing clarity to, and new perspective on our emotional state. This works extremely well for animals, which does away with the placebo argument!

Essences have probably been collected from flowers and used for a very long time, but perhaps the best known name associated with them is Dr Edward Bach, who developed his range of 38 remedies between WWI and WWII.

Who was Edward Bach? 

Bach was a very talented doctor, specialising in vaccines and bacteriology. After serving in the First World War he had a successful practice in Harley Street, London, but following his own diagnosis with serious illness (he wasn't expected to live) he left that busy world and - perhaps understanding that he may not have long left - moved to the Oxfordshire countryside. Here he set about developing a simple, but deeply effective healing system.

During his war service, Bach had been struck by the way that soldiers who were in exactly the same circumstances, with exactly the same conditions, receiving exactly the same treatment, differed in their recovery. Observing that this was likely down to their individual personality and attitude, he began to study this aspect of the people around him. Over the years (and notably at a dinner party when he was bored!), he divided people into seven groups. For each of these groups he created a group of flower remedies. We will probably find ourselves in all of those groups at various times!

The remedies were created using strict but easy to achieve methods, and he worked with each one to intuitively discover, and then test, the effect they had on his own emotions. Dr Bach's aim was to create a method that was available to everyone, easy to understand and administer, and that - most of all - would work.

Sadly, his own physical illness returned and Edward Bach passed away at a relatively young age, having poured all he had left into the Flower Remedies. His work was continued and protected by two close colleagues and friends, and to this day Bach Flower Remedies remain simple, effective and unchanged from their original form.

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