How does Reiki work?

Reiki (meaning Universal Life Energy) heals by returning you to your true, whole, connected, strong, compassionate self.  Founder, Mikao Usui's belief was that once a person is in touch with their true self, they're able to shine their inner light in a way that helps others do the same.  It's a meditative practice based on five precepts and five elements: the precepts, mantras and symbols, Reiju (blessing), hands on healing, and meditation and techniques.

When you visit a Reiki practitioner, it's the hands on healing that you experience.  When you're connected to reiki energy you can feel more relaxed mentally and physically, and in that state you're able to deal better with whatever issues are troubling you.  Your 'light' will shine more brightly!

Reiki energy work is also a wonderful tool for supporting our animal friends and companions. They seem to love and appreciate it, putting paid to the 'placebo effect' argument!

What is 'Distance Healing'?

Reiki energy is not subject to  the constraints of time or space.  A Reiki practitioner can sit in meditation (in her 'Reiki Bubble'!), connect with the energy, and simply use the power of intention to share it with a recipient who may be far away.  This can be really effective when we're helping animals as they often don't like to be touched.  'Distance' may mean 'the other side of the room'!

What should I expect during hands on Reiki?

First...you keep your clothes on!  You may lie on a couch, or sit on a chair if you'd prefer. There are suggested hand positions that I can use, or sometimes I may use a more intuitive approach and focus on particular areas.  Hands can be touching you, or held just above you - your choice.  I will be in a meditative state, and the reiki comes through me not from me.

  • Some people report feeling a lot of heat radiating from a practitioner's hands, but not all.
  • Some people report seeing 'visions' or colours, but not all.
  • Some people report feeling deeply relaxed.  Pretty much everybody.

After your treatment you may need a couple of minutes to just adjust back to the world around you and I'll always offer you a drink of water and time to feel 'awake'.



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